New Covers For My Keyboard

I am on my computer for work all day long, and I have gone through a number of keyboards either because I end up spilling something on them, or because they just end up getting dust or debris in them over time and end up not working properly.  This was something that was becoming a big problem, and I found myself wasting a whole lot of money on new keyboards every now and again.  I had tried a few computer keyboard covers, but I often found them to be a bit difficult to use.  You see, many of these covers are made out of latex, which means that you have to type a little bit harder in order for your strokes to be recognized by the computer.  I found this very frustrating, and I ended up only using these covers when I was not actually typing.

computer keyboard covers

However, after doing a little bit of research, I found some other covers that were not made out of latex and were actually extremely sensitive.  I noticed a huge difference the very first time I used one of them.  It actually felt as though I was typing on my keyboard without any sort of cover at all, which was amazing.  However, that was not the only thing that I found to be cool about these covers.  The other cool thing was the fact that they actually came in multiple languages.  They would have the regular English QWERTY setup on top and a language of your choice on the bottom, which made switching to another language on a regular keyboard extremely easy.

I am definitely glad that I found these covers.  Not only do they protect my keyboard, but they also work really well, and I can use them for other languages.

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